The Pursuit of Busy-ness

by Kelly on October 6, 2014

Because a person in constant motion isn’t facing the stuff that they should really be working on…

Did you read the report where people would rather receive an electric shock than give up their cellphone?!? That little device that’s almost always within an arm’s reach is a great distraction tool.

Scheduling your life up with lots of work, social events, things for the kids, and so forth is also a great distraction tool. But what does this distraction do to us?

It means we don’t have time to be in stillness. It means we aren’t examining issues that we need to. It means we’re shoving emotions into a corner of our consciousness where we don’t have to deal with them. For now.

But things that aren’t dealt with have a way of rearing their ugly heads eventually. Like a pressure cooker, if the pressure isn’t released in a slow and safe manner, an explosion could occur. And anyone nearby could suffer collateral damage.

We are not meant to stay in constant motion. We are meant to have balance in our lives. A fun, noisy event followed by quietude and contemplation. Being out and about followed by time at home. Work followed by play. Constant motion equals stress and anxiety.

I’m sure you know someone (hopefully not yourself!) who seems to be trying to outrun their demons. Those buggers can run pretty fast, and they have way more stamina than you!

Take the time to embrace stillness. Do grounding exercises. Sort out the stuff that’s yours and release what isn’t, then work on the rest. Busy-ness won’t help you do that.

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