Separate. Identify. Name.

by Kelly on July 9, 2014


Once at a Matrix Energetics seminar, Dr. Bartlett talked about separation, as in separating ourselves from Source or Oneness.  He made the comment that SIN stood for Separate-Identify-Name.  When you think about it, it really sums things up quite well.

We separate ourselves from each other, and hence from Oneness, by labeling, or identifying and naming, ourselves and others.  He’s rich.  She’s poor.  She’s black.  He’s Hispanic.  They’re Republicans.  They’re lesbians.  The examples go on and on – many that I refuse to use even as examples.  We use these labels to help us define what we are and what we’re not.  But by doing this we are removing ourselves from the Whole.

Unfortunately, the next step is often assigning blame or hatred to those ‘others’ that we’ve identified.  We call them names.  Dumbocrats, Libtards.  The 1%.  Poor people.  These names are imbued with a hatred for what those others stand for, or what we perceive they do.  “Liberals are destroying this country.”  “Poor people refuse to work to get out of poverty.”  “Chiropractors are quacks.”

This tactic has been used to stir hatred and dehumanize others for centuries, from the witch hunts (not that it started there) to today’s venom-spewing about gay marriage.  It’s much easier for the populace to support laws passed against someone or something when hatred has been fueled against them (see Nazi Party).

Even Buddha had something to say about this:  “In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

Highly Sensitive People and Empaths are our canaries in the coalmine.  We can feel the energy of hatred spreading.  We can feel the bad intent behind the soundbites.  We can feel the effects of all this on the underdog who’s being kicked.  We can feel the lost connection.

It’s our job to recognize those feelings and stop them from spreading.  Learn to find the motivation behind the labeling and the hate-mongering.  Refuse to allow that energy into your system.  Say no to S.I.N.

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