Monthly Energetic Tune-up Calls

Join me during each month’s energetic tune-up callJoin me during each month’s energetic tune-up call! Get group energy work while we explore many different topics, such as fear, energetic sensitivity, outdated structures, or asking guides for help.

Each call will include group energy work related to the topic of the monthly call. Be sure to have a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down during the call, and a journal to record your impressions, thoughts, and feelings after the call.

Some calls will address energetic ‘current events’ that are happening across human consciousness, others will address questions that have come up from clients, and others will present information my guides have provided.

It is NOT recommended that you operate machinery or try to multi-task during the call, because of the relaxed meditative state and energetic shifts the calls induce!

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Monthly calls: $35.00 each