Meet Kelly Fisher Intuitive Energy Healer

It’s been a long road to where I am now. Since I was little, I’ve been in tune with the energy of those around me. I could tell what mood people were in when I walked into their house, or when they came home. I picked up on aspects of coworkers’ personalities that others didn’t seem to see.

Intuitive Energy Healer Kelly Fisher

I would sense when people weren’t feeling well, or needed to talk – often attracting folks who wanted to tell me their whole life story even though they just met me! If I went to crowded places, like malls, it made me feel very uncomfortable, as I was basically swimming through other peoples’ energy.

I often needed to get away from people to decompress.

When I was in my late twenties, I went through a period where I didn’t want to leave the house except to go to work and come home. I wouldn’t go near a mall from just before Thanksgiving until mid-January! I had no idea why I was like this, but I was…

At the same time, I’ve always been a very logical, left-brained type. Science was my favorite subject throughout school, and I was always fond of observation and the scientific method. My Navy job was all about electronics and computers. I got a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Software Engineering. My left-brainedness made it difficult to accept that there wasn’t a rational, observable explanation for why I felt the way I did!

Eventually, I stumbled on some information about energetic sensitivity, and the lightbulb came on! I realized that I’d been walking around with no ‘shields’ up to protect me from absorbing others’ energy, and no way to get rid of the energy that I did pick up. It’d been affecting my mood, my sense of wellbeing, my health, and pretty much my whole life! Finally, I knew what was going on, and had some info on what to do about it! My left brain wasn’t too happy with the explanation, but…it got over it.

A shift in perspective…

I began doing grounding exercises to dissipate energy, and setting up ‘shielding’ around myself to keep the bad energy out. I started wearing certain crystals, or placing them in my environment, to help block or absorb negative energy. I also took Shamanism courses and got Reiki attunements around this time. With the perspective I had by then, I did some serious house cleaning! I cleared out a lot of energetic clutter and started getting down to who I truly was, and not what others expected me to be. It was an immense help!

Are You Energetically Sensitive

I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin.

In 2008, I attended Levels 1-3 of Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett, and an additional day of Consciousness training from Dr. Mark Dunn. I learned how to directly interact with energy patterns and shift them to a different outcome. I learned that I could set up ‘rulesets’ for myself so that negative energy didn’t affect me. Dr. Dunn walked us through the chakras, broadcasting the energy from each one to a room with ~500 people in it, and we could feel it! It was truly an amazing experience. I’d entered the Quantum phase.

After that, I didn’t need the crystals and the shielding. I simply set up my rulesets instead. Life began to have a much better sense of flow. The left side of my brain tried its best to reject all of this. “No! No!,” it said. “This is not logical! This is not observable! It’s not repeatable!” I literally had a splitting headache in the left hemisphere of my brain during the first few days of Matrix Energetics training. Ironically, at least half the attendees of the course were left-brainers as well… I guess we were all there to learn something ‘completely different…’

Directly experiencing the affects of energy and consciousness and then learning what to do about it

The sum total of my life experiences up until about 2010 had been about directly experiencing the affects of energy and consciousness, and then learning what to do about it. This left me with a powerful fascination with HOW we think, WHAT we think, and the resulting effects on our lives. I’ve learned that when we really start examining those things, that we start seeing that there are patterns and beliefs in our lives that no longer serve us, or make us judge ourselves and others very harshly. Once we identify those items, we can release them. By working through this process, we uncover our true selves and can flow in this state without all the baggage that’s been holding us back. It also allows us to use our energetic and intuitive gifts as an asset in our lives, instead of constantly trying to shut down our sensors so we can have peace.

My calling

These realizations have led me to the desire to teach others. I feel that my calling is to help others realize the potential of their innate gifts and discover their true selves so that their quality of life improves, they can establish better relationships with others, and the flow of their lives improve.