Individual Energy Work
Sessions and Coaching

Individual Energy Work and CoachingSometimes we can read books and take classes and do the exercises we learned in them…and still prefer some direct help with what’s bugging us!

Other times we’ve kind of exhausted ourselves trying to clear things on our own and would love to have someone help us clear more clutter in a shorter timeframe.

Sometimes we have no idea where to even start, and would like a little handholding and guidance.

I can help with all that! I’ve been there myself, trust me!

If you really want to kickstart things, sign up for a session with me today!

These are just some of the things we can address:

  • Career, financial, health, or other goals
  • Interpersonal relationships with family, friends, lovers, co-workers, neighbors, and others
  • Improved energy flow and better interaction with your environment
  • Release feelings of being ‘stuck’ or limited by circumstances
  • Health issues such as pain, injuries, or chronic ailments for you and your pets
  • Clearing and re-configuring the energy home, office, or other space
  • Land healing and working with land spirits
  • Improved intuitive skills, consciousness, and energetic structure

Benefits that may be obtained:

  • A sense of new possibilities, opportunities, and freedom
  • Improved relationships with family and co-workers
  • Reduced pain or improvement of health
  • Enhanced intuitive abilities and confidence
  • Harmonious energy in your home or workplace

exhausted ourselves trying to clear things on our own?Availability

I offer individual sessions and packages remotely (by telephone or email) and in-person. Regular sessions and coaching are a maximum of 50 minutes. An Energy Intensive is a full day.

All sessions are by appointment, click here to schedule.

Select the Best Option for You.

// Individual Sessions: These are great for “quick fix” things: You’re feeling blah and need an energetic tune-up. You’re freaked out about that dentist appointment tomorrow. You have an interview and you want it to go well. You’re moving into a new place and want to clear any old, stagnant energy and set up great new, flowing energy. You want some energetic insight into why you’re feeling so sensitive, triggered, or unclear about an issue in your life. 

Each session begins with a discussion of what’s going on, and an assessment of ‘where you are’ energetically. Next, I perform energy work to achieve the outcome you desire, and then we hold a wrap-up phase. During the wrap-up phase, we’ll discuss your path forward following the session, and then you can decide if you’d like further sessions, a coaching package, or even an Energy Intensive. Let’s Talk

// Coaching + Mentoring: This is the best choice when you want ongoing energy work, support, guidance, and feedback. You know you’re highly sensitive, and you want to turn it into an asset. You want to get clear on your goals. You have big plans, but you feel so scattered and overwhelmed that you’re not sure where to start. You want that raise, promotion, or new job, but feel like something’s holding you back. You’ve started a new business, but it’s not successful because you’re afraid to put yourself out there.

Coaching and Mentoring Packages require a three- or six-month commitment, and include three one-hour calls, plus a 15-minute quick-fix call each month. Each call includes both energy work, discussion, and goal-setting portions. Let’s Talk

// Energy Intensive: When you really want to clear out the clutter, make profound shifts, explore your consciousness, or practice intuitive techniques, there’s nothing like a day-long session! To really help the Energy Intensive stick, two follow-up calls are included in the package. Let’s Talk

By Application Only: 5 Available Per Month

Note: Please see the FAQ page for more information about what to expect during and after a session.