Are You “Too” Energetically Sensitive?

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Let’s face it – we’re surrounded by energy ALL THE TIME!

Are You “Too” Energetically Sensitive?Whether it’s cell phones, wireless networks, microwaves…we’re swimming in it! You’ve probably read about the effects on the news. But what about the energy from OTHER PEOPLE?

Unless you’re a hermit, you’re pretty much swimming in that, too. So, how does that effect you? If you’re energetically sensitive, it can take its toll. You might be angry or stressed out for no reason. You might relish going into crowded places about as much as you like visiting the dentist. You might just be CONSIDERING the hermit life, after all…

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I used to experience the feelings described in the report myself. It took me almost ten years to transform from energetically sensitive to actually being able to LOOK FORWARD to going places where I knew there would be crowds. I don’t want it to take YOU a decade to make the same transformation!

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