Energy Work FAQ

Q. What is your background and training?

A. I’ve been drawn to healing since I was a small child. I’ve always preferred natural techniques that involved healing with herbs, touch, or energy. I’ve studied alternative healing for years.

In 2006, I quite suddenly learned about Reiki and got my Level 1 attunement. By the following year, I’d progressed through to the Reiki Master level. I began studying Shamanic techniques in early 2007, which opened me up to a fascinating worldview.

In August of 2008 I attended a Matrix Energetics seminar. I was totally amazed at both the speed with which issues could be addressed, and how well the other techniques I’d learned could be incorporated into a Matrix Energetics session. I became a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner in November 2008.

In 2009, I took Levels 1-3 of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energy Healing with Dr. Hector Garcia and Consciousness courses with Dr. Mark Dunn. I also attended a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (including Hypnosis) class in 2009, which was held in Canada (What a gorgeous place, eh?).

The consciousness studies and NLP training both really got me thinking about HOW we think, and WHY we think what we think, and brought about a strong desire to teach and coach others on these topics.

As for the other side of my brain, I’m a computer security geek. I served in the US Navy for over 10 years, being stationed in Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and San Diego. I have a Master of Science in Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, as well as holding the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) certifications, among others. I’ve also taken metalsmithing classes, but don’t get to fire up my torch too often anymore…

Q. Where’d the name come from?

A. Bright + Energetics…
‘Bright’ is in honor of Brigit, the Celtic Goddess of Healing, Bards, and Smithcraft. (Yes, I nearly fell over when I discovered her, considering what this site is about, that I love to write, and I’ve taken metalsmithing classes!) One of Brigit’s names is ‘The Bright One’ in addition to Brigid, Brigantia, and Bride. Bright also refers to the effect of a session, which can include the elevation of one’s vibrational rate, a cleaner, brighter aura, or just feeling lighter. ‘Energetics’ denotes the energetic methods used for healing and transformation, including Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, and Consciousness, but also including Reiki and a bit of Shamanism thrown in for good measure!

Q. What is Intuitive Energetics?

A. It’s the name I came up with for the collection of modalities I use, since they’re a blend of intuitive and energetic methods.

Q. I don’t live anywhere near you. Can I still request a session?

A. Sessions can be done in person, via telephone, or even via email, so you don’t have to live in the same geographic area that I do… I’ve found that remote sessions often work better than in-person sessions!

Q. How can a remote session work better than an ‘in-person’ session?

A. When a person is standing in front of me and I try to interact with his/her energy, a good bit of it may be elsewhere! This can be due to the person’s natural system of ‘filing’ their energy, or because they’re feeling really scattered at that moment. Sometimes, it happens because the thing that needs to be worked on doesn’t want to be worked on, so it tries to run away and hide, so it can return later! Really – it’s happened on more that one occasion! While I can do work to reintegrate a person’s energy prior to a session, it can make an assessment more difficult. During a remote session, I’m interacting with the person’s energy wherever it may be (including the things that like to hide!). This can result in a more successful outcome.

Q. What modalities do you use?

A. I use a blend of numerous modalities, depending on what shows up as needed during a session, which include:

  • Intuitive skills
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Yuen Method of Chinese Energy Healing
  • Shamanism
  • Consciousness Analysis
  • Life and Energy Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki

Q. What kinds of issues can you address?

A. Matrix Energetics, Shamanism, and Reiki can all be applied to physical ailments, emotional issues, clearing of spaces, releasing ‘stuck’ energy, and affecting outcomes such as educational, business, financial, or personal success, among other things. I can also treat pets, as well as accepting land-healing requests… However, I feel the really ‘big guns’ of my calling is to help others get to their core selves and turn their energetic sensitivity into an asset.

I can also treat pets, as well as accepting land-healing requests.

Q. What is a session like???

A. Sessions are different for each person. Typically, you can expect that we’ll chat for a bit about what you’d like to get out of the session. We might discuss goals you wish to achieve, issues you’re having, or how you’re feeling after a previous session.

Next, I’ll check into your energy and see what’s showing up and how to interact with it. At this point, you might experience lots of energy moving, a floating sensation, warmth, coolness, or nothing at all.

For some clients, I receive messages from Guides or other Shamanic input. Afterwards, you may feel more ‘solid’ or present in your body, more whole, have less pain, feel happier, etc. Conversely, you may feel a little under the weather if a large amount of stuck energy is released.

I may lead you though a guided visualization or exercise, give you post-session ‘homework’ to do (such as a grounding exercise), or give you other prep-work for the next session.

Q. What should I keep in mind after a session?

A. The most important thing you can do following a energy work session is to notice what’s different. ‘What’s different’ could be that you notice more hummingbirds outside your window, your coffee tastes better, or some other seemingly unrelated thing.

By noticing what’s different, you allow the shift that occurred during your Matrix session to continue to flow.

If you concentrate on what’s the same (my shoulder still hurts, etc), then there is an increased possibility that the shifts that had begun will collapse back into the old pattern that you were experiencing.

A more visual way to view this: Imagine a straight line going off into the distance. Now imagine that you draw a new line originating from the same point, but shifted two degrees. At the beginning of the new line, it is very close to the old line, so it doesn’t look much different from that point of view. However, as you progress further down the new line, you can more obviously see that it’s a different path.

Q. Tell me more about the Shamanic stuff you do.

A. As a very quick explanation, Shamanism involves entering a state of altered awareness, usually by using a recording of drumming or rattling, and meeting with Guides, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, etc to learn how to work with them, get information about a situation, trace down the origins of an issue, etc. I studied Shamanism prior to learning the energetic methods I now employ, so I don’t ‘directly’ offer Shamanic sessions.

I studied Shamanism prior to learning the energetic methods I now employ.

Often, prior to or during a session, a client’s Guides will pass along messages about something to make sure we work on, the Shamanic significance of an injury, or the source of an issue. A few times, this has included a spontaneous return of soul parts (see the next question…).

Q. Tell me more about soul retrieval.

A. Soul retrieval is an amazing and empowering experience! Soul retrieval lays the groundwork for other Shamanic work by making you as whole as possible. When we undergo any sort of trauma in our lives, such as abusive relationships, sexual assault, death of loved ones, or even more minor traumas such as surgeries or car accidents, we can suffer the loss of a soul part. When a soul part is lost, the result can be an actual feeling of loss or lack of wholeness, as well as lowered energy levels, depression, etc.

During soul retrieval, a Shamanic practitioner enters journey space (the Shamanic realm), meets with their client’s Guides, and retrieves the lost soul parts and returns them to their client. This can result in an improved sense of being stronger, ‘being yourself again’ or being whole again. Energy levels improve, and you can feel released from oppressive occurrences that occurred earlier in life. By the same token, if you are currently in an oppressive situation, perhaps at work or in relationships, you may very well find that you are no longer willing to tolerate those situations. You may feel that you need to bring those situations to closure, so the job, relationship, etc, may come to an end. You may also recover memories from past traumas that you had suppressed.

While this can be painful, it can allow closure to finally happen related to those traumas. Soul retrieval is an incredibly powerful tool for healing, but you need to be prepared for change before having it done!

For a traditional Shamanic Soul Retrieval, please ask me for a referral.