Energy, Intuition, and Consciousness

Energy Healing ServicesThe services offered through Bright Energetics are focused around practices to improve your energy, intuition, and consciousness. To determine your current energetic state, I use what I call Intuitive Energetics, and blend of energy work modalities and my intuitive abilities.

By using intuitive analysis methods to examine energy patterns, I can then shift the energy patterns, release “stuck” energy, remove outdated structures and bring in any new energy or consciousness that’s appropriate for you during the session. It also allows me to assist you in improving your intuition and consciousness.

I understand, you may be skeptical

Since it’s so different from traditional practices of healing (Here, take this pill…), people are often skeptical about trying any form of energy healing or clearing, and this is understandable. As you’ll read in the testimonial below, my client found it hard to believe anything significant was happening. From his perspective, I was just moving my hands in the air around him. As you’ll also read, however, the positive effect it had on him was undeniable.

You may be even more skeptical about trying a remote energy work session, but I’ve seen amazing transformations from them! For more info about why they work so well, please see my FAQ page.

My clients can feel energy moving through them during the session, and can feel the improved flow, release of ‘crud’ and improved outlook afterwards.

Since not all energy work is related to an individual, I can also work with your pet or home, as well as assisting in energy clearing and healing practices for groups of people, such as a family dynamic or an office environment. No matter human or animal, group or individual, I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients to reset their energy patterns. We’ll start with an energetic checkup and then follow up with energetic counseling to help them establish new energy practices and get on a better path. Please check out all of the aspects of your life that could be addressed by Bright Energetics, as well as the benefits available. Then book an appointment through Bright Energetics’ simple online method. I look forward to working with you!

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