Does Your Sensitivity Make You Doubt Yourself?

by Kelly on August 21, 2014

I’d been at my first Navy duty station, Adak, Alaska, for about two weeks. I was getting settled in and had made a few friends, one of whom I stopped by to say hi to. We chatted for a few, and then I turned to leave. I remembered something at the last second, and turned back to say, “Oh yeah, I meant to ask…” The look on my ‘friends’ face would have frozen fire. She’d apparently been staring daggers at my back as I left, and it was then that I understood that she was not a friend at all. In fact, she was insanely jealous, batshit crazy, and I’d better watch out for her.

My new knowledge was completely at odds with what everyone else thought. “Oh, Tina’s* so nice, she brought in brownies for everyone.” “Tina’s got such a great sense of humor!” And so forth. Everyone seemed to think she was super nice and not the slightest bit psycho. Had I misinterpreted what I saw and felt? Was I a horrible judge of character? What the heck was going on here?

Being energetically sensitive, we pick up what’s going on under the surface with people, and we can sense the things they hide from others. Other people can’t, or are taken in by external personas. So if we mention what we’re picking up on, it’s us who are viewed as crazy or way off base. This can really make us doubt ourselves, and our perceptions and instincts about situations and people. I think it makes it harder to trust our instincts, at least at first.

Once we learn to listen solely to our instincts, and not the ‘helpful feedback’ of others, we can once again learn to trust our instincts, and dump the self-doubt.

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