Cussin’ Like a Sailor

by Kelly Fisher on August 13, 2014

My husband and I were stationed in Hawaii with John, a guy who used extremely colorful language.  Many used to joke that if he couldn’t use the F-bomb, that he wouldn’t be able to speak at all.  Oh, and he could tie any topic back to oil.  Any. Topic.

A couple weeks ago I read the comments of a woman who refused to watch The King’s Speech because it contained the F-bomb five times.  She sure wouldn’t have liked hanging around John!

I’m sure you’ve all hear the George Carlin line about the words banned on TV, or how the F-bomb can be used as a noun, verb in any tense, adverb, and adjective. That makes it a pretty useful word, huh?  No, you might say – it’s a BAD word!

What makes it a bad word?  Is it that it’s been categorized that way by ‘polite society’ or is there some big lexicon somewhere that officially puts words in the good and bad columns?

To me, what truly makes a word good or bad -positive or negative – is the intent behind it.    Think about the intent behind the words if I tell you, “You’re fucking awesome!”  Now think about the intent if I say, “You’re just not good enough.”  The first phrase had a ‘bad’ word in it, but is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better, and feel more positive intent.  The second phrase may have no ‘bad’ words, but it has lots of bad energy.

There are some words that naturally have a low vibration, such as ‘hate’ and I think it’s important to avoid most of those.  There’s just too much bad stuff associated with the word, such as war, genocide, oppression, murder, etc.  Because of that I think it’s often too easy to put that energy into the word, especially when referring to another person.  Think about the feeling behind “I hate cauliflower” vs. “I hate Kim Kardashian.”  The second one tends to carry more venom, right?

The intent and vibration behind the words is what gets put out into the Universe, and gets reflected back to you via the Law of Attraction, Karma, etc.  So, I think by being careful of the intent behind your words, and avoiding words that come with a lot of nasty baggage, it makes it easier to have good stuff reflected back to you. Just this little shift in your behavior can have an enormous impact in reducing negative crud in your energy system.

Give it a try!  Let me know what you think via email or in the comments…

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