Learn How to De-Hiss

May 14, 2014

You: Kelly, did you just say ‘de-hiss’? Me: Yes, I did! You: What the heck does that even mean??? Well, I guess it comes from a lifetime of cat ownership. Cats (animals in general) are quite honest in their emotions. You got a new puppy or kitten – they hiss at it. You come home […]

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Restless Person Syndrome

May 7, 2014

I was on the second day of my first Matrix Energetics class. By this point, I’d moved so much energy that it seemed like there were little pockets of residual energy all over my body. I simply couldn’t sit in a chair anymore, I HAD TO get up and move. I tried walking around the […]

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Waiting For That Shoe To Drop…

April 30, 2014

I guess I’d been spoiled by my previous job. I love a challenge, especially where I can use my problem-solving skills and intuition. I’d gotten all that, plus I worked with lots of cool customers (I’m a social butterfly), and co-lead an amazing team for two years. Now my new job had devolved into a […]

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The Trap of False Stress

April 9, 2014

When we energetically sensitive types think about causes of stress, there are three main genres: Real stress, false stress, and someone else’s stress. Real stress is just that: How am I going to pay my bills? I’ve just been laid off! A loved one has just received a bad diagnosis. My boss is an asshole! […]

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“How Did You End Up On This Path???”

April 6, 2014

You may be thinking, “Kelly, you’re pretty dang left-brained. You were in the Navy. You have degrees in computer science and software engineering, and numerous computer security certifications. How did you end up getting into something so right-brained???” Well, to put it bluntly, I was at a point in my life where I HAD to […]

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Understand Stress to De-Stress

April 4, 2014

  Ok, people, let’s talk about stress! Did you know that about 77% of the population reported feeling physical symptoms caused by stress, and 73% reported experiencing psychological symptom of stress?1 Wow! Those physical symptoms include fatigue, headache, upset stomach, muscle tension, change in appetite, teeth grinding, change in sex drive, and feeling dizzy. The […]

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Energetic Flatulence…

March 18, 2014

Each of us knows at least one of these people: Everything always sucks in their life, their reaction to even happy news is negative, they complain constantly, or they might even be spewing hate. When you see them, your first instinct is to cringe, find an escape path, or wish for an invisibility cloak, because […]

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Want to Be Happier Instantly?

March 11, 2014

One of the first things I recommend to my clients who are sensitive, anxious, or both, is to quit watchin’ the stinkin’ news! Why? Because news broadcasts are a festering cesspit of bad stuff: school shootings, auto fatalities, Soldiers dying overseas, political scandals, housing collapses, oil spills, big bank bailouts, the knockout game, and so […]

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I was a stealthy little shit. – Sensitivity As a Defense Mechanism

March 4, 2014

  I’d open the door, step in, and check the energy in the house almost silently. “Crap, it’s one of ‘those’ days,” I’d think to myself. “Mom has a migraine. I better not let out a peep, or there’ll be hell to pay…” Yes, I could sense all that from the front door. I’d creep […]

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Stick with Love…

February 25, 2014

“I Have Decided To Stick With Love. Hate is Too Great a Burden to Bear.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Words have tremendous power. They can heal, or they can hurt. They can incite peace, or riots. They can be supportive, or oppressive. When you’re working to understand sensitivity and improve your energy, paying attention to […]

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