Yes, It’s Salt… Really…

by Kelly on June 23, 2014



When I first found out I was energetically sensitive, I started experimenting with ways to shield myself from other people’s energy (OPE).  The two primary items I tried was wearing crystals, and keeping a bowl of rock salt on my desk.

One day, my boss, Robert, asks, “What’s in the bowl?”

“Rock salt.”  I replied.

“Really?”  Robert said, as he picked up a salt crystal and tasted it.  Yes.  He tasted it.  Far be it for him to believe me when I told him it was rock salt.  “Eww, it IS salt!”  He exclaimed as he dropped the salt crystal back into the bowl.

A couple days later, my coworker Dave stopped by and asks, “Hey, what’s that in the bowl?”

“Rock salt.”  I replied.

Dave also had to pick up a salt crystal and taste it (why can’t guys just trust you when you tell them the stuff in the bowl is salt?!?).

“You know, Robert tasted one of those, too. And then he put it back in the bowl.”  I helpfully informed Dave.

In spite of all the guys I worked with who insisted on having to taste the salt before believing what it was, I found that it worked pretty well to improve the energy in my office.  I had somewhat strategically put it on the far side of my desk, between my chair and where visitors normally stood when they came into my office.

The salt is supposed to absorb any negative energy present, so it works pretty well for keeping you from getting ‘zapped’ by those not-so-nice folks who might stop by.  When it’s ‘full’ of negative energy, you’re supposed to throw that salt away and refill the bowl.  I never found that I had to refill the bowl, which probably indicates that I worked with mostly nice people!

It actually looks quite pretty if you put it in a nice decorative bowl, so you can get away with it in a large variety of work environments.  Just don’t be surprised if the guys have to try it to make sure they know what it is…  🙂

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